Zooom technology is coming to the NASO Summit in Spokane, Wash., this July. Zooom will form a “first in history” partnership with NASO, using their technology as part of an educational video session.

The Summit has always been focused on providing a robust educational program for attendees. Zooom is a support organization for the 2019 Summit and exclusive sponsor of the “Call ’Em The Way You See ’Em” video review session on July 29.

“We chose Zooom because their platform is specifically designed for officiating and has the stability and tools we need to provide the best possible experience for Summit attendees,” NASO President Barry Mano said.

Zooom’s on-demand officiating training apps change the way organizations train and educate their officials. They put interactive training videos, evaluations and educational content in the hands of officials anywhere, anytime with one click. Their system allows organizations to save time and create more consistent training.

“This is a great opportunity for the sports officiating community to see technology that helps improve play-calling accuracy through training,” Zooom President Kyle Armstrong said.

Learn more about Zooom at Zooomapp.com