At this year’s Summit we’re concentrating on all aspects of recruiting, retaining, supporting and celebrating officials and officiating. With the officiating shortages around the nation many are facing, this year’s theme is timely and necessary.

Tackle The Problem Head-on!

What Exactly is the Problem?

There are dozens of reasons why there aren’t enough officials – poor sportsmanship, low pay, the dreaded “Good Ol’ Boy” blockade, officials as their own worst enemies. Time to clear the air and get down to cases.

Getting To A Yes

Featuring a dozen interactive workshop sessions — each one focused on collaborating and uncovering solutions to a unique challenge. Topics include: Mentoring, Local Association Culture, Managing Expectations, and Funding.

Who, What, When, Where, Why… Why Not?

We have hard data about why officials start and why they end, and we can show with certainty the most critical element needed in any recruitment effort. Numbers, the analytics, the charts, the correlations – on display for the first time.

The Assigner’s Impact

Officiating assigners have an outsized and often inordinate impact on officials and the organizations that use their services. They can have a negative impact, or they can be a big part of the solution.

Now We Say Yes To Officiating

A full accounting of the earlier workshop solutions, providing so much information and insight to take back to your office. Guaranteed to be one of the most revealing and riveting sessions in Summit history.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Fast-paced and innovative, these out-of-the-box programs and initiatives to recruit, retain, support and celebrate officials have proven results. This session alone will give you the “takeaways” you come to the Summit to find. It works for them. It can work for you.