The 2018 NASO Summit will feature speakers, sessions and workshops that cover a variety of officiating topics from sports at all levels, all aiming to further the Summit’s motto of “Say Yes to Officiating.” Be sure to check out “Skills for a Lifetime” on Tuesday, July 31, a session that will celebrate the positive elements of officiating that stay with officials even after they step off the field.

Speakers at this session include Dee Kantner, an NCAA Division I women’s basketball official and the WNBA director of officials, NCAA football referee Mike Defee, and former MLB umpire Dale Scott.

Scott, who retired last year after three decades in the majors, recalls the biggest moments of his career and how he handled the difficult decisions. In Game 3 of the 2001 World Series, Scott called a foul ball on a dropped pop fly with two outs and runners on base, a play that the players believed to be a fair ball. After a discussion with both players and managers, the air was finally cleared: Scott got it right.

“It felt great that in a game of that magnitude, I was able to remain calm, rise to the challenge, and make the right call,” said Scott. “In those moments, it’s important to be honest with yourself and have the fortitude to know when you’re right.”

Off the field, Scott also celebrated the bonds that he forged with his fellow officials.

“Anyone who has been in the trenches of officiating understands the camaraderie and lifelong friendships that are formed that people outside of officiating just wouldn’t understand.”

Of course, not every call will come with the same personal satisfaction, and Scott learned how to cope with those as well.

“Every game and situation in my career was different. You always run into something new,” Scott said. “I loved the challenge that came with that because it meant I could always get better.