NFL referees Carl Cheffers and Craig Wrolstad will share leadership lessons with NASO Sports Officiating Summit attendees over lunch on Tuesday, July 30. Both are longstanding NFL officials, and their talk will focus on what they’ve learned over the years to manage games effectively so other officials can benefit from their experience.

“Over the years we’ve tapped into an incredible mix of situations that apply to all sports. Craig and I will take some examples and drill down into them to share specific lessons,” Cheffers said.

“NFL officiating is a unique landscape and breeding ground for the development of skills useful to officials of all ages, sports and experience levels. We’re looking forward to a lively dialogue with attendees so they head home with an expanded tool kit for their games,” Wrolstad said.

In addition to the one led by Cheffers and Wrolstad, there are two other lunch breakout options: 1) Legal and Insurance Q&A with Don Collins, Alan Goldberger and Jina Doyle; and 2) the state high school leadership forum (open to state administrators). Collins and Goldberger are experts in sports officiating legal issues, and Doyle is vice president of client services for American Specialties Insurance (ASI).

The legal and insurance session will include brief talks by Collins, Goldberger and Doyle, followed by what is typically an open Q&A with attendees.

“We’ve found it’s a great format to give a short presentation, then seek specific questions from the audience. That’s worked well and allows those in the audience to get answers to their most pressing questions,” Collins said.

“The legal issues in sports officiating seem to grow, along with the development and pace of the sports themselves. It’s important to get out in front of any legal issues from an association or personal perspective. We’ll address cutting-edge issues from a legal perspective and make sure everyone’s questions are fully addressed,” Goldberger said.

A first-time presenter, Doyle will talk about the changing landscape of sports officiating issues related to insurance and be available for questions concerning NASO Insurance coverage.

“I’m looking forward to meeting people in the sports officiating industry and providing information for NASO members and others to make the best insurance decisions, whether that’s personally or from an association perspective,” she said.