Straight Talk: Tyler Trimble

Officiate Washington Day will take place Saturday, July 27, as the lead-in for NASO’s 37th Sports Officiating Summit from July 28-30 in Spokane, Wash. State officials will have the opportunity to participate in the association’s annual golf tournament on Friday, July 26, while Saturday’s events include two general sessions, four breakout sessions, the association’s annual awards luncheon and an end-of-day social on the patio bar of The Davenport Grand Hotel. Tyler Trimble, an executive board member with the Washington Officials Association, discussed the upcoming event and its significance for officials in Washington.

NASO: What can attendees expect on Officiate Washington Day?
TRIMBLE: Attendees can expect to be blown away by Officiate Washington Day. We have secured the industry’s best speakers and leaders who will share their knowledge and experience. Attendees can anticipate dynamic breakout sessions, interactive learning and great networking opportunities. I believe our officials are guaranteed to go away with a positive experience and a more powerful learning environment than ever offered before in our state.

NASO: What does it mean for officials in Washington to have this event?
TRIMBLE: This is the biggest stage in the officiating industry and the Washington Officials Association is extremely fortunate to have NASO partnered to provide this learning experience for our officials and attendees. Because of the partnership, WOA was able to go out and find the best of the best in each respective sport. Unlike other conferences, this one will provide an unparalleled experience for our officials.

NASO: What are you most excited about for the event?
TRIMBLE: I am most excited about the top-of-the-line speakers and leaders that will share their wealth of knowledge and their professional and personal stories. This is a great opportunity to not only learn from the best but interact with them as well. Breakout sessions will be interactive, dynamic and educational. I am also excited to have our officials experience what State Day has to offer and meet some great people in our industry.

NASO: What do you hope attendees take away from Officiate Washington Day?
TRIMBLE: I hope attendees take away one of the greatest days in officiating for Washington state. The attendees will have the opportunity to interact, ask questions and step out of their comfort zones to make it the most rewarding experience.