As sports evolve with advances in strategy, coaching, technology and player strength & speed; sports officials training must adapt to keep up. Effective training in today’s environment requires:


What are the end results desired? Is the class designed to teach basic concepts so newer officials find success fast? Or are you trying to prepare experienced officials to move up the ladder? Choose clear goals that apply to your attendees so they recognize the value and know what they need to put into the class and what they’re going to get out of it.


Effective teachers have very specific qualities, including an ability to impart their knowledge and get their students to execute. You need to make sure the instructor and their experience fits with your end goal AND is relatable to the officials in the class.



Effective training programs should present relevant information in the best way for attendees to learn it. Depending on the goals, the program can include classroom time, group discussion, question and answer sessions, handout materials, live on-court/field practice and video review.


Feedback is critical for a developing an effective long-term training program. Instructors must get better every time, just as much as the officials must. Experienced instructors need to sit in on newer instructors sessions and provide face-to-face feedback soon after for maximum effect. Follow-up with written feedback they can refer to when planning future lessons.


Camps and classes don’t end when officials go home. Follow-up is critical to help embed the lessons learned. Quizzes and reminders delivered via email, web sites, video, or phone calls can all provide options for follow-up on a training sessions, to better ensure lessons are executed on the court and field.

Success in training requires a thorough program from start to finish. 

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