When NASO brings its Summit to Montgomery, Ala., next July 26-28, it’s a safe bet three members will be in attendance. Each has been to more than a dozen Summits.

NASO contacted Dennis Morris, Lima, Ohio; Alan Zarrow, Brooklyn, N.Y.; and Dan Steiner Columbus, Ohio, to find out what keeps them coming back.

Morris cited “the opportunity to network with other officials and association leaders as well as to renew friendships,” as a draw.

“I have had the opportunity to discuss many officiating concerns such as assigning, leadership and sportsmanship with leaders and officials in many sports from all areas of the U.S., which I could then relay to association leaders in my area,” said Steiner, attendee at every Summit since 2002.

It isn’t hard to build lifelong friendships when you attend 27 Summits like Zarrow. “Right from the beginning, I was taken into a group of several couples,” he said, naming the Lonardos, Clines and Combs, other Summit regulars. “We have shared decades of good times and stories together.”

Over the years, NASO has had many speakers. Morris, a veteran of 12-15 Summits, said he was impressed by video messages from Gen. Colin Powell and former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. “While they have little or nothing to do with officiating per se, they seem to have a good grasp of what we do and put things into real life perspective,” Morris said.

“Almost all of our speakers are true ‘people persons’ willing to educate,” Zarrow added.

In addition to being a regular attendee, Steiner has seen so much value in Summits that he has spread the word to other officiating leaders who now attend.